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Once you’ve had RickRak you’ll never go back

Ryan Urlacher / Law Abiding Biker

I’m lovin’ this system! No straps or bungees, none of that garbage. It’s like it becomes part of your bag.

Adam Sandoval / World Record Motorcyclist


1951 E. Main Street
 Falconer, NY 14733
              “This letter is to express my overall satisfaction with your RICKRAK quick-attach Motorcycle luggage rack solution product. We had been in contact with the owner of your company over the past few months during the products development. We were very excited about the products potential impact to our customer base. We were given the opportunity to attach one to a motorcycle that my father (owner/president of HDJ) was taking on a trip to Alaska. Unfortunately the particular luggage rack that was on his bike would not accept the current RICKRAK. We learned that your company is currently developing one to fit this newer Air Wing Tour-Pak® Luggage Rack. My father was disappointed, but left on his trip with his current collapsible rack bag which uses an annoying Velcro & Clip attachment system. Upon his return he expressed his dismay at not having the RICKRAK. Not only did my father need to un-attach and re- attach his luggage countless times, he also marked up his paint as a result of not having the RICKRAK.
             We have since installed the RICKRAK on our dealership FLHTK Limited Demo, and have received many positive comments from customers. The RICKRAK makes your luggage removal a breeze. It is very universal and accepts many different luggage options. Our dealership has purchased 3 RICKRAK’s for resale and they are now on display in our showroom”.
David C. Reid                                  Brian D.  Reid
President                                         Vice President
Ride safe, and Often!